A Week in Negombo, Sri Lanka


I spent a week in Negombo, Sri Lanka for visa purposes. Traveling alone to a foreign country gave me so much anxiety to the point that I couldn’t sleep days before the trip. I tried my best to embrace it though, as it was a chance to travel and discover a new culture and country.

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Drive-In Doha | Aspire Park


One of the newest entertainment spots around Doha is the Drive-In Cinema located at Aspire Park, behind Villagio Mall. It offers a unique experience of watching old movies right at the comfort of your car. They had a soft opening last Thursday, October 19, and offered free entrance for the weekend. My friends and I visited Friday night to try it out! Tickets will be required for purchase starting Sunday, October 22, at 50% off, 75QR per car while original prices are at 150QR per car.

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Photo Dump: Friday the 13th at the Beach


Road trip!!! A thing my friends and I like to do from time to time is to take road trips to the beach. Our favorite is Dukhan. It’s quite far but waaay worth the drive. The weather has been nice lately, signaling that summer is almost over and transitioning to winter meaning the temperature has significantly dropped. With this weather we’re finally allowed to take a dip and not just hang out beach side.

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Book Review: Hear the Wind Sing by Haruki Murakami


Haruki Murakami is, as I’ve probably mentioned before, one of my favorite authors. I am always so intrigued by his surreal story lines stringed together with a cast of disturbed and troubled characters.Β Whenever I recommend Haruki Murakami to my friends I always mention that if I were to describe his books to them, I’ll only sound like a mad woman because of the weird plots (a man in a sheep costume urging you to dance in Dance, Dance, Dance as an example) and will never do him justice. They need to read his works for themselves to understand. Only Murakami can make something so weird be read as beautiful. Hear the Wind Sing is his first ever novel and it has been amazing to see where and how he started.

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