CASA Footworks #VictoReunion


A little intro: CASA Footworks is the official dance guild of the Communication Arts course of the University of Santo Tomas. I joined CASA Footworks back in my Sophomore year, and although I wasn’t an active member, I’ve gained a lot of friends and memories with this team.

CASA Footworks has recently bagged their fourth consecutive Championship title in a faculty wide dance competition called Cypher. Generations of CASA Footworks members have gathered to celebrate.

VictoReunion - 1 of 293.jpg

But first, FOOD! It ‘aint a party without grub. And there was A LOT! We had four boxes of pizzas, 2 boxes of chicken wings, and 4 party sized spaghettis. Just remembering all the food we had that night has got me hungry.VictoReunion - 24 of 293.jpg

Needless to say the food was more than enough for 22 (yup 22) people!

VictoReunion - 13 of 293.jpg

Three generations of Team Captains (and Champs) in one picture!

VictoReunion - 84 of 293.jpg

The babies (current generation)!


Nothing like trying to fit 22 people in one room for this shot! Believe me it was quite a struggle.

VictoReunion - 236 of 293.jpg

The morning after with the alumni and the current co-captains!

I’m still so happy to be part of a group that has a bond as unique as this. Different people of different ages and (as for us alumni) different walk of life, especially for ate Vera (our generation’s team captain who currently works and resides in Dubai), brought together because of one passion: dance.



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