Munchies: Tokyo Bubble Tea + Honeybon Cafe’s Sushi

Tokyo Bubble Tea in collaboration with Honeybon Cafe is a Japanese cafe that immerses you in its food and culture. The place is huge but quaint and colorful with a honey comb inspired interior. The staff are nice and welcoming and will greet you in Japanese the moment you enter. The seats are cozy and very inviting. The music they play feels as if they’ve all been taken from anime shows (yes I recognized a few of them haha).

The menu is full of Japanese cuisine favorites and some that you might not know about yet if you haven’t visited Japan yourself. You are guaranteed to have a hard time choosing which to order. Tokyo Bubble Tea is also, of course, known for their wide selection of milk and bubble teas. Every drink looks adventurous and unique.
My sister and I were there to do some work so we opted for two orders of sushi and milk teas. The menu items were a bit pricey but was worth it as one order of sushi was good of two already. I’ve been to Japan and I’ve eaten in numerous Japanese restaurants in Manila and I have to say that Tokyo Bubble Tea’s sushi is by far one of the best I’ve tasted here in Manila.
We ordered the Sunshine Roll and the Firecracker Roll. They. Were. AMAZING.
So let me tell you about them.
The Sunshine Rolls are perfect for the summer season. It’s sweet mangoes and crunchy alfalfa sprouts on top and the kani meat is absolutely delicious! It’s sure to give your tastebuds a nice surprise.
The Firecracker Roll is something different and guaranteed to be something you haven’t tasted before. It is an explosion in your mouth. The salmon topped with mayo and caviar gives you a scrumptious intro to the explosively crunchy dried fish in the center.
Japanese food has got to be one of my favorite cuisines–especially because of the sushi. I love that there are so many variations of sushi, some very adventurous. Japanese food has got me wishing I didn’t have allergies to shrimp. 😅

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