Remembering Japan (June 2015): Osaka


So when I graduated last May 2015, my parents granted me one of my biggest dreams: Japan (Pokemon Center + Wizarding World of Harry Potter). So a week after my graduation my family and I, ever so hungry for travel and adventure, got on a plane straight for Osaka, Japan.


Here’s us just about to board the plane, me holding my copy of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone and summoning my inner Hermione with my hair going crazy.


Although it was supposed to be summer in Japan it rained A LOT while we were there. That didn’t stop us from exploring the city though. Plus, we had an excuse to sport these really cute transparent umbrellas that seem to be really popular in Japan.


I still remember how the streets look exactly like what it looks like in anime.


Here’s my brother and I exploring Japanese arcades. I swear to god their crane games are a 100x better than those here. The prizes are just AMAZING. Mario/Luigi hats, Pokemon plush toys, even Harry Potter wands!


Here’s us exploring the busy and crowded Doutonbori market. There were a lot of shops that sold really cool stuff, some very weird as well. I found an otaku shop with lots of cosplay costumes and wigs. Couldn’t find photos of them though, sorry.

All in all, Osaka was an incredible place. The culture and the food and the people are amazing. I am so happy I had the opportunity to visit and experience them all. I hope to visit Japan soon, Tokyo next hopefully!



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