Current Music Obsession: BP Valenzuela

    12828560_10209379164015173_660950161788768230_oBP Valenzuela has been my musical obsession for quite some time now. I fell in love with her and her music, a musical love story of hearing one song to attending her gigs almost once a week.

Who is BP Valenzuela?

Her stage name is BP Valenzuela, and as I gathered, B is for Bea but I’m not quite sure what the P of her BP stands for. We can only guess. Patricia? Pauline? Princess? Who knows. One day I hope to find out.

She’s a young artist who has made quite a name for herself in the local indie music scene. On weekdays she goes to school taking up Music Production and has a part time job as a barista at Satchmi, an urban music cafe. On the weekends she plays at gigs and events.

She’s a tiny girl who’s always in a boyish style get up with her signature cap/snapback. Basing from her social media accounts, she loves dogs–especially corgis. She loves listening to 80s and 90s style music, and as I observed, her music is quite inspired by that era.

BP Valenzuela’s Music

BP Valenzuela is an electronic music singer and songwriter that produces her own music. Her music and lyrics have a way of tickling your heartstrings and hitting where it hurts. Kinda makes me wanna cry and dance at the same time sometimes.

She is part of Logiclub, a collective of indie electronic musicians and DJs along with names like CRWN, The After School Special, Kidthrones and much more.

Recommended BP Valenzuela Songs

You can find her on YouTube, Spotify or SoundCloud. Below is a list of my personal favorites from her current latest album (she will be releasing a new EP soon I think), The Neon Hour.

Even If You Asked Me

This has got to be one of her most known songs. This is the song I first listened to. A friend recommended it to me saying that I would relate to it (and I did) and it was downhill from there. The song is raw and, as I said, hits where it hurts–in a good way. It tells the story of a toxic kind of love, being found and left and being okay again.


This one has got a lot of soul and heart. My favorite lyric is “Where does your sorrow go when you find yourself completely alone?”. That line was stuck in my head for a month. It’s a slow song that I often use as a lullaby.


Steady has great drop and is amazing when she performs it live. One of those songs you wanna cry and dance to at the same time. The beat is catchy and the lyrics ever so poetic. It’s a great song to dance and sing along to (with tears because BP y u do dis)

Why I love BP Valenzuela

I first heard her music from a friend who recommended Even If You Asked Me to me, I was currently nursing a broken heart and it really did speak to me. I began to listen to a few of her other songs but eventually got distracted.

However, I scored free tickets to GoodVybes Music Festival from my company and did not hesitate to go. She was one of the local artists. Wasn’t in to most of the international bands (was only there for Passion Pit tbh) so I took note of the time of her set . My friends and I were about to enter the Gold area again for Chvrches when we heard BP Valenzuela’s Even If You Asked Me playing. I didn’t know what got into me, but I ran for the other stage (the one for the local artists). I got there at the chorus and began singing along but she was having some technical difficulties. Her mic was awful and none of the staff were helping (just one of her crew members). It was clear she was having difficulty but she continued playing even saying “I sound like a monster in this mic but whatever” and she was shrugging in such a cute way that my heart melted. A few minutes into her set, however, CHVRCHES started playing on the main stage and about 70% of her crowd ran for it. Rude right? Only a few stayed, including me and my friends. The music from CHVRCHES was so loud that you could barely hear her, and the audio wasn’t getting any better. The crowd who stayed cheered her on nonetheless. But, she gave up after her fourth song saying “Go on, go for CHVRCHES, it’s okay, really.” But we didn’t budge. We continued to chant her name until she was overwhelmed with tears. She said thank you but went off the stage. She captured my heart that night. Now I go to her gigs at least once a week.

BP Valenzuela > CHVRCHES any day.



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