Remembering Japan (June 2015): Universal Studios Osaka


So Universal Studios Osaka was our main destination. It has got to be one of the best theme parks I’ve ever visited (of course I’ve never been to Disney Land yet–hopefully soon!). Although I spent most of my time in the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, I enjoyed quite a few of Universal Studios Osaka’s attractions.

11403443_10205908924416004_3532913319172288047_n (1).jpg

Here’s my brother and I at the big Universal Studios globe.


One of the attractions we enjoyed was the 4D Spiderman ride. Spiderman is one of my little brother’s favorite superheroes (he used to have a Spidey costume when he was younger). Technology is amazing. I loved the 3D visuals and the special effects (we got wet and exposed to fire during the ride). Totally immersive!


Jaws takes my top 2 post of favorite attractions (#1 is the Wizarding World, of course). We were, again, exposed to a lot of water and fire during this one. I love how the tour guide was so in character and even though he only spoke in Japanese and we couldn’t understand him, the ride was immersive as well.


Because this was Japan of course there was going to be anime. During this time I hadn’t watched Attack on Titan (Shingeki No Kyojin) yet so I was kind of ignorant about this. However, 2 months later (and binge watching 2 seasons) I was hooked and regretted I didn’t appreciate this at the time. My brother and I went to the exhibit and saw a lot of the weapons and torn up bodies. AWESOME.


There was also a Monster Hunter exhibit which my brother and I went to. I have yet to play the game but the exhibit was amazing. They had real life armor and HUGE statues of the monsters.


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