Remembering Japan (June 2015): Wizarding World of Harry Potter


The Wizarding World of Harry Potter was our main destination. It was a dream come true finally getting here. All thanks to my lovely parents for granting me this as a gift for graduating. I have to say that this day was the best day of my life. There is nothing like seeing dreams materialize, seeing fantasies from books that I’ve read and watched since I was little come to life.


Here’s what we first saw as we were making our way to the WWoHP. We found Mr. Weasley’s flying car! Couldn’t pass up a photo with this badass vehicle. Wanted to have a photo inside it though but we couldn’t open it.


Once you enter the theme park you’ll find the Hogwarts Express! A conductor was there too (but I only have a photo with him on instax, which I can’t seem to find huhu). He greeted everyone cheerfully and reminded everyone not to be late, have our ticket ready and that the train will be leaving at exactly 11am! Despite the theme park being in Japan, the conductor was caucasian (a redhead even!) but he spoke both in English (with a British accent) and Japanese. It was awesome! When he spotted me he said “Oooh, a Slytherin! I’ll see you on board, don’t be late! Hogsmeade is straight that way, go get your stuff ready for the school year!” I swear to god all I felt was kilig. I was so happy and excited!



These are the only photos I have at Hogsmeade. Every time I look into these photos I’m taken back to this wonderful place.


Here’s my brother and I at the Three Broomsticks. We didn’t enter though, there were way too many people!
23e074b18bf48adf9b3f74f8e223a0a5e4e92aaf62a1bd723a4fbe0ecd495a38_full.jpgHere’s me enjoying a butterbeer. I’ve always wanted to try one and there are a few shops here in Manila that offers “butterbeer” but I made it a point to try my first butterbeer in the Wizarding World and I wasn’t disappointed. It wasn’t like I expected it to be but it was great nonetheless. I tasted the buttery goodness and it was like a creamy foamy beer but salty, caramel-y sweet instead of bitter. The closest butterbeer I’ve ever tasted like that in Manila is the one from The Nook (Maginhawa — hopefully I’ll visit there again and write a proper blog about it).




Honeydukes was one of the shops I wanted to visit. It didn’t disappoint as well. I really wish I took more photos but I was too excited and there were way too many people to get a good shot. I did get an awesome shot of a chocolate frog though! I couldn’t buy one because I didn’t have funds but at least I got a great picture! They have holographic cards in them too! Someday…



Here’s my brother and I trying out our house robes–me a Slytherin and him a Ravenclaw. I wanted to take one home so badly but it was way too expensive (and I wanted to get a wand). Someday though, I’ll get one. This is a promise I’ve made to myself. I’ll get a Slytherin and Gryffindor one for me and a Ravenclaw one for my brother.


Here’s my brother and I picking out wands. They had lores for each type of wood used to make wands and lores for each type of cores.

tumblr_nq53jdM0bo1sky4m3o1_1280 (1).jpg


I picked out the perfect one for me. Ash, dragon heartstring, 11 inches, springy. (Of course this is what I believe it is to be–only know for sure that its an Ash wood wand. The wand chooses the wizard and this one just really called out to me. They also had the characters’ wands. Someday I’ll complete them all and have them displayed.





Here’s my mom with a really great photo in one of the shops in her Gryffindor uniform. I would have loved to get a shot like this but I was probably too busy running around trying not to cry of happiness.





Here’s the Beauxbaton girls leaving the audience in awe with their elegant ribbon dance.


My acceptance letter was a decade late but I finally made it to Hogwarts! This would have been an awesome photo if it weren’t for all the people (especially the mom beside me taking a photo of her daughter).




I’d happily get lost in Hogwarts grounds. Don’t worry I have the Marauders Map with me. I solemnly swear that I’m up to no good. Mischief managed? Mischief managed.





Knocked on Hagrid’s door hoping for a cup of tea and rock cakes with a side of gossip but he wasn’t home. Hagrid’s hut was right where the line for the Hipogriff ride was!


All in all, it was amazing finally getting to the Wizarding World with my family. Thank you to my parents who made this possible. This will always be my favorite memory. I’d save it in a bottle so that I can always go back to it in a pensieve.

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