ELYU Munchies: El Union Café

El Union Cafe was our first stop at La Union. We found it on a site of lists of where to go in La Union while we were browsing though possible places to have breakfast when we got to our apartment. Being the millennials we are, we loved the instagram photos and decided that this was our first destination.

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Munchies: Salliano’s | Gil Fernando Ave., Marikina City


Salliano’s is one of the newer restaurant and bar joints in Marikina that I’ve wanted to try since their opening. Knowing that it’s just a few minutes away from my house, I don’t know why I didn’t try this sooner. However, once I heard that they had the best spam fries in Manila I couldn’t help but take my family there immediately–especially because my brother is leaving soon and spam is his favorite processed food!

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Munchies: Amo Yamie Crib | España, Manila


When I was little I didn’t like sweets that much. My parents tell me that it was weird when we would get ice cream and I would ask for weird flavors like avocado, mango, cheese. I never liked chocolate especially because I had a weak throat and would always get tonsillitis after eating chocolate without drinking a glass of water afterwards. But recently I’ve grown a sweet tooth and have been devouring chocolate anything. So you can imagine my bliss when I found out about Amo Yamie Crib and how near it was to UST. Took any opportunity to visit my old university just so I can visit this place!

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