Munchies: Amo Yamie Crib | España, Manila


When I was little I didn’t like sweets that much. My parents tell me that it was weird when we would get ice cream and I would ask for weird flavors like avocado, mango, cheese. I never liked chocolate especially because I had a weak throat and would always get tonsillitis after eating chocolate without drinking a glass of water afterwards. But recently I’ve grown a sweet tooth and have been devouring chocolate anything. So you can imagine my bliss when I found out about Amo Yamie Crib and how near it was to UST. Took any opportunity to visit my old university just so I can visit this place!

I’ve seen videos of milk shakes like these on the internet but never have I thought that it would be available here in Manila.  Amo Yamie Crib is located in España, corner P. Noval street. However, they recently opened a new branch in Katipunan which is a lot nearer to me since I live in Marikina.
The place is full of little cubicles that resemble little houses. It’s quite cramped though and would fit up to 6 people at most. You’ll have to sit on the floor as well which got a little hard to find a comfortable sitting position. There’s only one tiny table per cubicle which made it hard to eat.
Here’s the menu. Their main attraction is their milkshakes that will satisfy any sweet tooth and are very instagram worthy. They also offer a variety of milk teas, coffee, comfort food and cheese cakes (which they plate in a really awesome way — more on that later!).
We ordered quite a few things to try the food out.To be perfectly honest, the food wasn’t anything special. It was pretty normal. They put them in rather large and bulky containers that did not go well with the tiny tables and made it hard for us to place everything without making a mess. We ordered nachos, club house sandwiches, carbonara pasta and fries. The prices were okay especially for a student’s budget.
We ordered the Drunk Dwarf, their best seller and the most loaded. The mason jar had chocolate spread from the rim to almost half the jar and drizzled with cookie crumbs and bits. The milkshake was really good, not too sweet to compensate for the sugar rush on top. It is topped with whipped cream, chocolate chips, drizzled with chocolate syrup and garnished with a chocolate chip cookie (which they used to balance the toppings and keep it from falling over). This made up for their okay food. Being a recent chocolate lover, it was really fun trying to finish this beast of a chocolate treat. It got messy, but in a fun way.
Now for the cheesecake! The only thing I really liked about it was that it was disguised as a potted flower! It was plated in a ceramic flower pot and had oreo crumbs on top that made it look like soil with a plastic fake flower rooted in it to create the illusion. The cheesecake itself wasn’t really good, the consistency was a bit off. Just another instagramable treat if you ask me.
If Amo Yamie Crib been here during my time in UST I would likely be here a lot to study, do thesis or just hang out. Although I’ll only order the milkshakes.
Hopefully I’ll visit their Katipunan branch soon. It looks like they have a slightly different menu there.

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