Urban Adventure: Mind Museum

The moment I found out about The Mind Museum I knew I had to take my brother there. He’s a big nerd that loves science. So, when my officemate mentioned that there was a 50% off sale on tickets I bought them in a heartbeat.

Safe to say that my brother and I both enjoyed—a lot. Even if I wasn’t a big science nerd, I love museums and I love the interactivity of this one. Plus, learned quite a few things that I didn’t know before.
This is my favorite part of the exhibit. Who doesn’t love space? There’s so many unknown things about the galaxies and universes that we have yet to discover and explore. You really do have to let your curiosity guide you through this place.
A replica of Mars and the Mars Rover. It even moves! There are even buttons around this particular exhibit that controls the Mars Rover.
Here’s my brother examining fossils on our way to the prehistoric era.
The T-Rex skeleton. It’s fake and made of plastic but looks awesome anyway.
Here’s me giving the static ball a go. I definitely look like a Disney villain, a witch casting a nasty spell.
Don’t know what this is for–some kind of molecular science-y stuff but its a giant chocolate bar and I couldn’t pass up a photo with it.
The Mind Museum was huge, took us about an hour and a half to explore everything. Only have a few photos though cause I wanted to really experience it.
Definitely recommend this to anyone who has an interest in the sciences and a budget (tickets sell for about 650PHP).

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