Munchies: Salliano’s | Gil Fernando Ave., Marikina City


Salliano’s is one of the newer restaurant and bar joints in Marikina that I’ve wanted to try since their opening. Knowing that it’s just a few minutes away from my house, I don’t know why I didn’t try this sooner. However, once I heard that they had the best spam fries in Manila I couldn’t help but take my family there immediately–especially because my brother is leaving soon and spam is his favorite processed food!

This is Salliano’s open air area. They have a very chill place but since it was a weekday it was quite empty. They have live bands from Wednesday-Sunday. They’re open from 10AM-12MN every day which makes them a great after work hang out place to just destress with a few drinks and good food.

Since it was quite humid we opted to stay in the air-conditioned area.

They also had an indoor bar here which was amply stocked. Their main liquor (and sponsor) was Jack Daniels. They had a variety of cocktails and beers as well, though we didn’t try them.

Now for the main event–SPAM FRIES! This was the main reason we came here and we weren’t disappointed. At PHP 140, you get a hefty serving of 12 pieces of spam fries with two servings of garlic mayo dip. It was delicious! Crunchy on the outside with spammy goodness on the inside. The garlic mayo went really well with the salty spam fries, perfect to mellow down the saltiness and give it a nice twist.

The Nutty Chili Chicken Wings (PHP 220) of six pieces is served with pickled cucumber. However, didn’t quite like this one. There were too much flavors, especially the taste of soy sauce. Umay. Couldn’t taste the chili in it either. Just the taste of soy sauce.

The Salliano’s Quarter Pounder Burger (PHP 290) was what my brother ordered. It was served with a side of potato wedges and two condiments (ketchup and mayo). My brother, who is a really good at identifying the quality of his food, liked the potato wedges. He said the burger was good but nothing special.

The Hickory Porkchops (PHP 240) was what my sister and I ordered to share. It had two slabs of pork chop bathed in yummy hickory sauce. Underneath is a serving of mashed potato was okay, but I’ve had better. It was too mushy for my taste and I like my mashed potatoes chunky. But that’s just me. It is garnished with cilantro and droplets of oil.


Also ordered the Strawberry Iced Tea (PHP 95) to go with my food. Didn’t like this either. It was waaaay too sweet. Tasted like four seasons juice mixed with strawberry kool-aid. Found myself drinking more water than this.


Although I wasn’t completely satisfied with my orders here I’d like to try more of their menu and cocktails. Maybe I’ll try coming by when there are live performances.

Check them out here.



Phone number
02 2469069 ext:978
*Table reservation recommended
Opening hours
10 AM to 12 Midnight
 9 Guerilla Street
Corner Gil Fernando Avenue,
Santo Niño, Marikina City

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