ELYU Munchies: El Union Café

El Union Cafe was our first stop at La Union. We found it on a site of lists of where to go in La Union while we were browsing though possible places to have breakfast when we got to our apartment. Being the millennials we are, we loved the instagram photos and decided that this was our first destination.

The cafe was quite small but it looked like a surfer/beach bum’s haven and should have been located at the beach. There are seats on the bar and a few tables. They also offer Yoga Classes on the second floor of the building.
They offer variety of coffee from espressos to cold brews. Their menu for breakfast was limited, just grilled cheese and pancakes. They also had skillet desserts of either s’mores or cookie.
They also have their house specialty, Horchatas (PHP 120). Another kind of Horchata they offer is the Dirty Horchata (PHP 140) which has an espresso shot. I ordered the plain Horchata just to give it a shot. I’ve tasted one in El Chupacabra in Makati but wasn’t sure if I liked it or not. Glad to report that I did like it. It was milky and tasted unusual—in a good way. The cinnamon powder they drizzled on top made a perfect blend!
I ordered the Grilled Cheese Sandwich (PHP 150) and had high expectations because it was very pricy. Did not disappoint, bread and cheese were good and cooked into a perfect golden—which they cook upon order and right in front of you if you sit at the bar. I highly recommend you add Bacon Jam (+PHP 30) on the sandwich, it gives it a sweet zesty and meaty twist. The sandwich is garnished with droplets of hot sauce on the side. DELICIOUS.
Here’s their Buttermilk Pancakes (PHP 160). Three slices of fluffy pancakes drizzled with sugar powder served with a shot of syrup and garnished with butter with a pinch of cinnamon. Looks very instagramable. Pancakes were fluffy enough and were okay. Just.. okay. Nothing special, really. It’s as good as homemade pancakes can get—just a little fancier.
All in all, if you had a little more money tucked in your pocket, this would be a really great place to spend the morning. However, for us budget trippers, we found it too pricey. There were only two kinds of food you can choose from and that’s a big bummer for me. The place had a nice beach bum feel which I loved, but food matters more to me so…
I’ll rate El Union Cafe with ★★★☆☆

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