ELYU: Tangadan Falls
Ahh, yes. Tangadan Falls. It was the most popular destination in La Union, aside from the beach of course. If you asked any local what to visit in this province they all say one thing: Tangadan Falls. Let’s just say that I’m glad I did it but I will never ever ever do it again. Ever.

Here’s us a few minutes down. We were warned that there would be quite a long trekk before you reach Tangadan Falls but we expected it to be about 15, 30 minutes. Do you know how long it took us to get to that waterfall? 2 AN A HALF HOURS. I don’t know if we were just slow because we were not fit at all or it was just that far. Whenever we’d ask our tour guide if how much longer it’ll take to get there he’d say, “Malapit na po ma’am! (It’s already near, ma’am)”. We took so many breaks ‘cause I was not in the condition to withstand such vigorous physical activities. We started trekking at around 10AM and got to the waterfalls at around 12:30 in the afternoon. We crossed rivers with slippery rocks, climbed big rocks, climbed walls of dirt and trees and by the first hour I already felt like I was dead. I couldn’t even speak cause I needed the air and couldn’t spare even one breath.
Lui still striking a pose as we try to cross one of the rivers. I swear to god this girl packs up so much energy she can power up a whole town. She was actually singing while we were climbing hills (The Climb by Miley Cyrus too, perfect for the situation!). There’s got to be something in her coffee at El Union Cafe that we all should have taken before setting off for this hell of a journey.


Here’s us stopping over at a river. Clearly we were trying our best to put on happy faces for the photo but you can’t edit out the looks of exhaustion on our faces at that last one—at least for me it is. HAHAHAHA. Still find it so funny, just look at my tired and annoyed face!

I have got to admit, though, that the sceneries were absolutely breath taking! Even if I could barely breathe and could barely get through the horrible trekking, at least I was looking at such beautiful sceneries.
Look at those happy and relieved faces! We finally made it to the famous Tangadan Falls! After almost three hours! It is absolutely beautiful! I get why people go through that horrible trekk of hell just to get here. And the water was icy cold but felt amazing! I swear to god the moment I jumped into the water I felt all the exhaustion fade away.
Let’s take a moment to just take in the beauty of the Tangadan Falls. Just.. WOW.
For PHP 25 you can ride the raft to go through the waterfalls. They say you can stay for an hour but you get bored after 15 mins so we used it to jump off into the water instead. In the past they say people were allowed to jump off the waterfall itself but recently banned it for safety reasons. Too bad though, cause I’m a sucker for jumping off high places!
All in all it was a memorable experience. Like I said, I will never do this again but I’m glad I did.
P.S. Tour guides should discuss a full disclosure of what you have to go through just to get here before they offer to take you there. We came across two exhausted senior citizen ladies as we were trying to get back down the mountain and they asked us “Malapit na ba? (Are we near?)” and no they were not. Poor old ladies. They had about another hour of trekking left.
P.P.S. If those old ladies do a better job at trekking through this mountain than me I don’t even know what I’ll feel.

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