Weekend Currently | Vol. 1


I know that it’s supposed to be a ‘Sunday’ currently, but weekends are usually my only free time and I get to do a lot of things during these two short days before I get back to the routine life of work and home. So… I’m going to be talking about my weekend instead.




Reading: It’s Kind of a Funny Story by Ned Vizzini. I’ve had this book for years, originally bought this in 2012 after watching the movie adaptation. However, I didn’t get to finish it so I’m trying to now. It focuses a lot on teenage depression and anxiety and I’m really loving it. 


Doing: Finally had some time to work on a few blog posts for my La Union trip. Also attended adult ballet classes yesterday! I’m hoping to do this regularly from now on. It’s at Fitness Pad in Lilac St., Marikina. It is really cheap too! PHP 150 per session! Lastly, I’ve been watching basketball games at Marist School (It’s a high school here in Marikina) because my close friend, Tata, has an older brother who plays for one of the teams. Since UAAP hasn’t started yet I’ll try to watch games in Marist before ballet classes regularly. Also been having a movie marathon today!

Listening: I’ve been listening to The Hunna and Radiohead lately, aside from some OG music I’ve adapted from my friend Lui who loves hood music. So I’ve also been listening to Chance the Rapper, Kanye West and Drake.

Needing: Ballet shoes, a month of vacation, more sleep.

Loving: My ballet classes, the rainy and gloomy weather, Subway chocolate chip cookies, MAKAI BOWLS (yes I’m craving huhu)

Wearing: I’ve been wearing rompers a lot lately since they are very simple items of clothing that are lazy as well cos it’s just a dress but shorts at the bottom! Yup, I would be a horrible fashion blogger, I know. HAHAHAHA. Anyway, just bought classic white Converse sneakers lately that I’ve been wearing everyday. Also been wearing a lot of my brother’s shirts and hoodies (because I’m a sucker for boy clothes I don’t even know why, it frustrates my mother so much hahaha).

Watching: Love, Rosie, Devil Wears Prada, That Awkward Moment and The Princess Diaries! Who needs Netflix when there are full HD movies uploaded on YouTube?? 😜

Looking Forward To: The weekend! Yes, the week hasn’t started yet but I’m already looking forward to the weekend. Plus, my reunion with my childhood best friends as well. I haven’t seen some of them in a decade.

Feeling: Exhausted.

Eating: Chocolates. I can’t eat a meal without eating any form of chocolate after.

Drinking: Berry infused teas.


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