Boracay 2016

So my family went back to the Philippines (they live in Doha, Qatar, where I grew up) to have their summer vacation and of course we went to Boracay. We’ve been going to Boracay every year since I was 15, I think?  Anyway, Boracay is still such a beautiful island. Crowded and heavily commercialized than how it was before, but still incredibly beautiful. Here’s our travel video. I also have a few recommendations if you’re planning to visit the island.

I’ve never really stayed at a hotel at Boracay because for years we’ve been staying at our family friend’s house that’s near the beach at Station 1. For budget trippers, I recommend you find a place at Station 2 or 3, hotels are waaay cheaper there. If you’ve got a larger budget, I highly recommend you stay at the hotels in Station 1. My favorites are, White House, Sea Wind and Oasis. They have really nice places (beach front), free breakfast and very accommodating staff. White House and Sea Wind have pools for guest use. In this video, we stayed at Yegrina Resort. It’s located in between Station 1 and 2. If you’re going to stay here, I recommend you get the cottage because they’re located by the beach. Their main building is a bit far from the beach and you’ll have to walk through sketchy alleys.

If you want the peaceful, beach bum vibes, Station 1 is your best bet. At the very edge of it. Stations 2 to 3 are crowded, but Station 1 is still serene.

Best place to catch the sunset? Spider House. It’s at Diniwid beach. It’s a bar located at the side of a mountain. That’s it in the background. It’s probably our favorite place in the island, we never fail to spend at least one day here when we’re in Boracay. You can jump right in to the ocean from the bar and lounge at a nearby raft. That’s my favorite spot to catch the sunset. Try their pizza, sushi and pancakes! They’re the best! Also, they’ve recently been offering fruit shishas. They’re shishas made from actual fruit!

For those looking for the night life, Boom Boom Bar is one of my favorites. They have live music all day, all night! Hey Jude is a great place to party as well, friendly people and nice ambiance.If you wanna get shit faced wasted, Cocomangas Shooters Bar is your place. If you think you’ve got what it takes, try their ‘Still Standing After 15 Shots’ challenge. You get a free t-shirt if you survive!

If you want a chill place by the beach during lazy afternoons, I recommend the White House in Station 1. We stay there all the time.

If you want good eats, I recommend Hawiian Bar-B-Que. Their ribs, baked potato and onion rings ARE THE BEST. If you’re eating for lunch, remember to make a reservation at least an hour before. Their place is small and can’t have tables outside (they only set up their outside seats at night).

Well, that’s my Boracay recommendations! Hoping to still maintain our yearly tradition of spending summers there!


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