A Weekend Getaway with my Childhood Best Friends

So one of my childhood best friends came back to the Philippines after being in Canada for 6 years. The last time I saw her was 10 years ago since I went to Doha during the 5th grade. Her return called for a reunion and that’s exactly what we did.

We all met up at a nearby mall and every time someone came it was such a wonderful feeling. I love that although some connections were lost, we were still one big barkada. So much has happened since the 5th grade it was nice catching up with all of them.
This is us, incomplete sice one of us couldn’t make it. L-R, Me, Tin, Meinna, Jaja, Myka, Hagia and Karenn. Myka is kind of the glue that got us all together 10 years ago and is still the glue that has got us together today. I wouldn’t have met these girls if it weren’t for her.
I’ve seen Myka quite a few times since we studied in the same university, UST. Meinna, on the other hand, has been MIA for years because she was busy having the cutest baby girl (and looks hella fine as if she never gave birth at all)! Tin, went off to Canada in 2009. Hagia changed schools and courses a lot in college and is now a Tourism student about to graduate. Jaja is now an HR at a known Philippine company and Karenn is a school teacher.
Much has happened since we first created our grade school barkada. Myka even created a contract (in sticky caps and different fonts and colors, no doubt) and had it signed by us 10 years later at our said reunion. Old, embarrassing, photos were brought out and we reminisced about our time together. We caught up on each others lives and, for some reason, we still feel comfortable enough to share our deepest secrets even if we haven’t spoken in a decade. That’s something truly beautiful, if you ask me. And I’m glad I am part of this.
After our dinner, my two best best friends and I (Myka, Tin and Me) had a sleep over. It’s been so long since we were together. The next morning we met up with our two other friends, Trish and Theya, and went on a roadtrip to Batangas with the plans of stopping by Tagaytay. Tin lives in Batangas and if we were to see her on her last weekend in the Philippines we had to take her back there and we were up for the road trip!
We got to Tagaytay and had a lovely lung at Bag of Beans. We took a lot of photos. Here’s us enjoying our brunch.
Here’s us enjoying cold drinks in the balcony area of Bag of Beans asking a waiter to take multiple photos of us like the millennial titas we are.
After that we took Tin back to Batangas where she divided her lipsticks between the four of us. All Color Pops too! Thanks, Tin! HAHHAHAHAHA.
While we were nearing her house in Batangas I couldn’t help but shed a tear or two. I haven’t seen my best friend in 10 years, and only had her for two weekends. Now she’s off to go back to Canada and who knows when she’s coming back (hopefully next year again). I felt really sentimental because we were really close, even sharing the same birthday, and we haven’t celebrated together in so long. So much time has passed and we still can’t have time with each other.
I’m happy for technology and social media and all, but nothing beats the physical presence of a friend.
I’m really happy for the weekends we had with each other and I hope this isn’t the last!

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