Brewfest | July 15, 2016

I went to Brewfest the year before and I loved it so when our office offered free tickets again, I took them in a heartbeat. Good food, drinks, and now with good music and friends too!  This year it was held at Century City Mall, which is just walking distance from my office. How could I possibly pass up the chance?

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At 350PHP, you are given entrance and a complimentary Brewfest beer glass! Perfect for going around beer booths, just having your glass refilled at each one. The event looks as hipster as ever–still sporting its signature blue and yellow colors.

Mr Graham’s Apple Pie Soda (PHP 120)

I’m not a beer kinda girl, in fact, I hate beer (I come to Brewfest for the food 😂). So I’m glad I found this at the Brewfest watering hole. It tastes exactly like an apple pie! I loved it! There’s also a version of this with Rum in it priced at PHP150. I don’t like rum that much and to be honest I wasn’t in the mood for alcohol so I settled for the plain one.

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Just like last year’s Brewfest, one side of the place were craft beer booths and the other side for food–all familiar brands and Brewfest constants.


Elote (PHP 135), Chimichangas (PHP 185). The burger was my friend’s purchase (and was delicious as well, juicy and full of flavor).


I fell inlove with El Jefe’s Elotes in the previous Brewfest and I made sure I had it this year, together with their Chimichangas! I must have been a Mexican in one of my past lives cause I really loooove Mexican food! Elotes are as good as ever, had all my friends try it and they loved it too! The Chimichangas were amazing as well! Flavorful and a total fiesta in your mouth!
There were live performances as well, which didn’t happen at last year’s Brewfest. This is Gio Levy, one of the performers and damn was he good! (Not to mention cute) I planned on talking to him and strike a conversation but we had to leave early. (Oplan landi failed)
Here’s the crew (office batchmates) enjoying Brewfest with good food, drinks, music and company! Cheers for an amazing Brewfest experience after a stressful week at the office and to more Brewfest shenanigans to come!

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