AsiaPop Comicon 2016


I’ve always dreamed of going to Comicon in the US so when I found out about the Asiapop Comicon in Manila, I couldn’t pass up the chance! It is definitely a one of a kind experience and an event I will go to every year from now on. I had such a great time geeking out and the amazing part is no one cares what you look like cause in Comicon everyone’s a geek! *Also, kudos to the two dudes rocking Sailor Uranus and Sailor Mars costumes!*

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I casually cosplayed Harley Quinn for this year’s Asiapop Comicon. It wasn’t a hard decision. It really wasn’t that hard either. What was important was the pink and blue pigtails and the makeup. I used cheap hair chalk on my already blonde hair. Some of the pink still won’t wash off and it’s been more than a week!


Little Rey fighting off a member of the Sith. 

I loved the community at Asiapop! You could tell everyone was having the time of their lives pretending to be their cosplayed characters and I love how they were so in character! I was dressed very casually but a few kids asked for photos with me and you have no idea how much that warmed my heart. Of course, there were a lot more Harley Quinns that put a lot more effort into their costumes that I did and that’s just incredible!

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Another thing that amazes me is the amount of talented artists that were present at this event. There were so many trinkets, art, shirts, costumes and much more dedicated to the many fandoms.



There was a whole area dedicated to League of Legends, and being a LoL player myself, I spent a lot of time here. Some of the top players and teams of the Philippines battled it out to see who would be representing the Philippines in Indonesia. Didn’t stay long enough to find out who though.


Photo grabbed from TV5’s Facebook Page

If you’re familiar with Breakout or Mystery Manila, the The Walking Dead booth was just like that. You had to solve puzzles and riddles while zombies (who have no personal space whatsoever) try to creep you out. Needless to say, my brother and cousins did all the work as I covered my ears and tried not to cry. The zombies creeped me out so much okay! They were growling in my ears and wouldn’t stop.


Here’s my entire haul! I got The Walking Dead shirt for free if you get out and solve the puzzles in time. Also, when you’re cosplayed as Harley Quinn everyone offers you Harley Quinn shit. Hahahaha. I got a total of 4 Harley Quinn comics (I finally found the Origins one!) and a signed poster of Harley’s different versions by a local artist.


All in all, I definitely enjoyed Asiapop and will surely go next year if I have the chance!


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