Album Review: California by Blink-182


This review is a bit late since this album was released about 2 months ago but whatevs! I’m still going to talk about it. All I can say, however, is that it took me a while to gather my thoughts about this album since it’s the first album the band released without Tom DeLonge and, not to mention, their first album in five years, so I had to listen to the album a few times to be able to have a concrete judgement of it.

The first time I listened to the album I immediately missed Tom DeLonge’s distinct voice and I couldn’t help but feel like their music was missing something. But I gave it a few more rounds and I warmed up to it. They still sound like their quirky pop-punk self from the early 2000’s, I could still feel them. They’re just a little more… mature. Like their music aged. Not necessarily for the worse or better, just generally aged.

Their hit single from this album, Bored to Death, however, brings us back to their roots. The first time I listed to this song I almost cried. Nostalgia hit me like a brick and suddenly I was a kid headbanging to Blink-182 again. It was their rhythm, their soul, I could feel their rawness that we all thought they would lose and Tom DeLonge took from the band.

I’m also glad that they didn’t lose their sense of humor. They had two mini-songs in the album and this one is my favorite. Basically the lyric is “I wanna see some naked dudes that’s why I built this pool” and a voice at the end asking “is that really it?”. I imagine them at Warped just fooling around.

Also, Travis Barker drum intros still get me. 😍 A decade later and he still got it ladies and gentlemen!

However, there is one song that did not sound like them at all and I had a funny face the whole time listening to it. This is not Blink-182. It can’t be?

Also the intro of this song sounds eerily familiar and took me days to finally pin point which other song it sounded like. The intro sounds so much like Adam’s Song from their 1999 Enema of the State album!

So basically I still have mixed feelings for this album. To be honest, I liked their 2011 Neighbors album better. But I get that since the band losing Tom, we gotta embrace change and evolution and Blink-182 is evolving into something different. Looking forward to their next album!

My overall rating: ✭✭✭⭐︎⭐︎


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