The Yard: An Evening Pig Out


We’ve been hearing about The Yard for quite some time, so many articles and instagram photos. So one night after work we headed over to try it out ourselves! There was 4 of us and we ordered enough for 10!


The place looked really cool–very hipster. There were so many people, though, and they say it’s like this every night so better come early so you get a table easy! It took us a good 15 mins to find a table.


Told ‘ya we ordered for 10 people! Each of us bought from three different booths just so we can taste as much as possible. Nothing like a good food trip with good company! Here are my favorites:



El Terrible (160 PHP)


A juicy burger with nachos! Try Surf Shack’s wide array of different flavored burgers!

I saved my favorite for last:



Chimney Original (150 PHP)


If you ever visit The Yard please please please try the croissant donut ice cream cone from Dip ‘n Dough! I’m still dreaming about this sweet treat.

The Yard was awesome and will definitely go back to bring my friends and family!


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