Life Lately: November


November is a month of trying to catch my breath and getting back to the swing of things. And it was quite fun. I loved getting the time to spend it with friends, doing things I’ve always wanted to do but couldn’t find the time before. Being unemployed has been good for me, except of course being broke. #BrokeButHappy

My college friends are friends I know I’ll still be talking to even if I’m in Qatar, or any other place. They’re the kind of people that once you see each other again it’s like you were never apart. It’s so easy to be with these people and I love them.

We had a triple Solid (that’s our barkada‘s name) Celebration. We celebrated two birthdays and my going away party. And as always, I made the drinks. Everyone got drunk but not as much as we used to. You can definitely see we grew older, but still acted like college freshmen just cause. Talks of professors, projects and homework has turned to bosses, work and how we hate being adults. It seems like only yesterday all we wanted was to graduate. Now we would give anything to be stupid college students again.

Cinema ’76 has been on my radar for years, being a theater that showcases indie films. However, I’ve always been too busy to try it out myself. Now, with the company of my old blockmate who is an indie film lover and lives in the same city as me, I finally got to go watch a few films! My favorite so far is Apocalypse Child. Beautiful movie! Hopefully, I’ll write about my Cinema ’76 experience and maybe a short review of Apocalypse Child as well.

A hangout spot my high school best friends and I recently discovered is Tacio’s at Cubao Expo. One of them just moved in into a condo in Cubao so we mostly hang out there. We used to go to computer shops to play games but now we’ve evolved into the titos and tita that we are. Chill drinking at our favorite bar where the waiter already knows our choices of poison by the time we’ve sat down at our favorite table. You have no idea how good that felt like, the third time we were there in a week and the waiter was like “Sangria? San Mig Light?” to me and my best friend. Nigga, we made it fam! And yes, I’ve been drinking nothing but Sangrias there, they’re the best! Definitely something I’m going to miss. I have gotta learn how to make them for myself.

I’ve also been hanging around UST a lot because I’ve been trying to fix my papers. I just missed being there, the aura, the people. I can;t wait for Paskuhan!

Also… I GOT A HAIRCUT!! Finally chopped off my long mermaid locks. It took some time to decide whether I’ll keep dying my hair in color s but I finally settled with keeping a few highlights because crazy hair colors is a part of me and I really don’t want to get rid of them yet. The highlights are pink right now but soon I’ll be dying them blue, before I get to Qatar probably.

Basically, November has been a time for me to soak up the Manila life with the time I have left. I’m leaving in 2 weeks and I’ve just been trying to enjoy the rest of my time here.



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