#QIFF2017 | Thai Food Cravings

2017-04-16 09.18.53.jpg

Qatar International Food Festival is a celebration of food, culture, music, and art. It was held from March 29 – April 8 at Sheraton Park. It was definitely worth the visit and I wish I went more than just once!

2017-04-16 09.17.05.jpg

The food stalls were first grouped according to cuisine for easier selection. As you explore more, you’ll see almost every food establishment you’ve ever seen in Doha from fast food to hotels. There was even a Jollibee!

2017-04-16 09.17.33.jpg

It was so hard to pick what to eat but during that week I was craving for Thai food like crazy! I found Hai Thai Smile and the women dressed in traditional Thai clothing and I was sold! I got myself an order of Pad Thai and ate it while exploring the festival. It was sooooo good! Just writing about it has got me craving again. I also ordered sticky rice with mangoes, which was also yummy, but I couldn’t get a proper photo.

2017-04-16 09.17.252017-04-16 09.18.28

There were pieces of art displayed at the center of the festival and live art performances as well.

2017-04-16 09.17.442017-04-16 09.17.52

There was also live music and I think even films brought by Doha Film Institute. There were also cozy bean bags, seats and teepees for the little ones. On the day I visited #QIFF2017 there was a live performance by American Army members all complete in uniform!

The fireworks were great as well, which happened every night. It lasted a good few minutes too.

All in all, I would definitely visit next year’s QIFF and hopefully visit more than once so I can try different food.

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