Film Favorites: Ruby Sparks (2012)


Ruby Sparks tells the beautifully painful and enchanting story of Calvin Weir-Fields, a washed up writer prodigy, and his dream girl Ruby Sparks. Dream girl meaning she came to him in a dream, he wrote about her, and she suddenly appeared in his kitchen. Every time he writes something about her in his manuscript, it happens. May it be her speaking in French to her personality traits and even her emotions.


Feel free to watch the trailer first.

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It’s unique plot and characters are what got me. Calvin is such a genuine and lovable character, funny and witty and has that adorable dorkiness going on. We can also see how imperfect he is, having to see a therapist regularly and his lack of friends and genuine connections. Ruby, on the other hand, is full of quirks. The way she dresses and talks, the way she sings when she cooks. Her red hair and colorful clothing choices make her stand out. The characters are honest and feel as if they are people you can meet in real life.

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The relationship they had was real. How they treated each other, their bad days. When Ruby was feeling trapped because of Calvin’s introvert and anti-social qualities, she started to want to break free from that and do her own thing and meet new people which were natural and happens so often in reality. Calvin tried to suppress her by changing her, but that brought on even more problems since Ruby couldn’t understand the chaos of emotions she had inside her. She described it as being so high then so low, which is oh so common especially for women.


I absolutely loved the climax of the movie, the scene where Calvin shows her how much control he has over her. It was such an intense scene and the metaphor of it gripped me. It looked like a symphony, Calvin the conductor with his typewriter and Ruby yielding and thrashing right in front of him.

He let her go. He broke whatever spell he had over her. He published the manuscript, something he hasn’t done since his last hit many years ago, and became an instant best seller.


It ends with him meeting Ruby again, the way he was supposed to, exactly how he met her in his dream. Ruby was reading his book but doesn’t seem to have any recollection of who he was. They’re given another chance and the film ends openly,  leaving the audience free to think up their own outcome of the second chance they got. Absolutely beautiful!


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