Life Lately: April Favorites | Series, YouTube & Books


These past couple of weeks have been very busy—especially when I work 6 days a week! I’ve been enjoying quite a few things lately though and I just thought of sharing them with you guys. Here are my monthly favorites!



That 70s Show

I’ve caught a few episodes of it on tv here and there in the past years but I never really binge watched it. I’m loving the chemistry between the characters and I’ve always been fascinated with other eras. The 70s theme of the show never fails to interest me, from the way they dress to the past events and people they reference to. The intro song is stuck in my head for the past few weeks. My boyfriend and I have already reached Season 3! Hopefully, we’ll finish the series by the end of May.

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Girl Boss

I gave Girl Boss a shot recently and watched a few episodes. It did not disappoint and so far so good. I just love Sophia’s style and spunk. I’m always a sucker for the rebel, carefree girls. I’m also loving her romance with Shane the drummer (always had a thing for drummers). He wrote her a soooooong!!! I’m already hooked tbh.




Recently discovered her from Marzia’s clothing swap with her. She. Is. Adorable. I love her style! So quirky and unique and has a vintage feel with every video. I watched her intro video and fell in love instantly. I love how she uses natural sounds artistically, using them as background noise in some of her videos. She’s just amazing.


So my boyfriend recently introduced me to the JK people on youtube and I’ve been following them ever since. I love how by just watching them they feel like they’re my friends as well. They have a channel for news discussions called JkNews and just feels like my own friends discussing viral topics. I also love their JKParty channel where they play games (and torture each other).


Chuck Palahniuk - Fight Club

Fight Club by Chuck Pahlaniuk

I recently found a link from @MillenialofMNL on twitter of e-books!! Lots of them!! And they include full collections of Haruki Murakami and Chuck Pahlaniuk (two of my favorite writers)!! Unfortunately, their books are quite expensive so I can barely afford to buy them (although I’ve collected quite a few!) I admit, I feel really guilty for giving in to these free, probably pirated e-books (I’ve always been a firm supporter of the printed word) but I couldn’t help it!!! The temptation took its toll on me. But I do promise to buy physical copies as soon as I am able!!!

Anyway the first book I started on is Fight Club by Chuck Pahlaniuk. It’s #1 on my books to read and I’ve just been tearing through it. I’ll post a review once I finish. I’ve seen the film adaptation dozens of times before and I’m glad that there’s little difference I’ve noticed so far.

Here’s the link to the free e-books if you’re interested:


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