Picasso-Giacometti Art Exhibit | Doha, Qatar


Picasso and Giacometti are two of the most influential artists of the century. Qatar Museums, in collaboration with Musée National Picasso and the Foundation Giacometti, brought their works to Doha for a 3-month exhibit that started February 22 and ended on March 21 of 2017, held at the Fire Station – Artist in Residence, Doha. I only found out about the exhibit on it’s last few weeks and I’m glad I got to visit a few days before the exhibit ended. It was a great experience, especially because it was free!

It was amazing to learn about the two artists and their friendship (a bit of a bromance if you asked me!). There were documentaries being played and I caught a few minutes of Picasso explaining his relationship with Giacometti. They met every night and drew together every day. They talked about everything and shared their passion for art and their lovers.


“Picasso and Giacometti created many portraits of the women they loved, reflecting the inexhaustible obsession of the artist with his muse. Though both artists sought to capture the truth and reality of their models, their works also convey the psychological intensity of their relationship with the beloved.”

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I noticed that Picasso’s work consists of lots of colors, lines, and abstract shapes. Seeing these elements work together gives you a peek at what it must have been like to meet these women. My favorites are the ones of Dora Maar (first and second portraits). Her portraits have bright and striking colors and look more realistic compared to Picasso’s portraits of other women. I am also very happy to have seen Picasso’s Self-Portrait (last), one of his most famous works.

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Giacometti is one of those troubled artists and you can see this from his works. I love that this exhibit showcases his doodles, giving us a slice of life kind of experience from this great artist. He doodles on just about any kind of paper, including his morning newspaper. I also find his portraits of his lovers both beautiful and haunting. I found it hard to look at their faces for long. You can see the chaos that goes through his head and expressed through his art and it is absolutely magnificent.

Hoping for more exhibits like these! What an experience!

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