Game Review | Last of Us Remastered


One of the most anticipated games of 2013 was Last of Us. It is an action-adventure post-apocalyptic game set after the zombie apocalypse. This game has been one of Naughty Dog’s most successful video games and I played Last of Us Remastered on the PS4 as soon as I finished Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End. Even though I’ve watched Pewdiepie play it already, doesn’t mean I didn’t enjoy the story less.


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You play as Joel and is first introduced by a heart wrenching story of him losing his daughter at the start of the zombie outbreak. Yup, this game already makes you cry in the first 10 mins. Be prepared.

He becomes the total badass protagonist who delivers Ellie across the country in the hopes of developing a cure from her blood. It wasn’t long before he takes on a father figure for Ellie and their bond strengthens along the way. He does everything to protect her, may it be from zombies or bandits.

Tbh, he’s the only capable character in this game. He can fight with or without weapons. The acting is impeccable and the character itself, being the hard and rugged guardian, is lovable. You hope for the best for him. After all, he deserves it. You can see that it hasn’t been easy for him, losing his daughter and then his lover. Ellie is the only one who can really break through his walls.

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Ellie is the spunky teenager who wins the hearts of millions, including Joel of course. I love her lines and how she cusses A LOT. Matched with her kid like voice makes it all so adorable. I love how she has her own mind, opinions, and isn’t afraid of voicing them out and fighting back. She’s brave and extremely hard headed but it’s fun having her around.

She is, however, quite useless in the game. While you play as Joel, she just runs around just total dead weight constantly being attacked and that you have to save her every time. You get to play as her for a short while in the game and tbh, you’ll be quite useless as well. You have limited weapons, one being a bow and arrow which is difficult to use during zombie waves, and limited ammo as well. You’re gonna have to constantly pick up ammo.

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The zombies in this game are diverse. You have clickers and runners and they’re all quite intelligent. The key is to outsmart them, you can’t just rambo all over the place (though I’ve tried and failed every single time).

The gameplay got a bit boring and frustrating since you had to sneak attack a lot. It took so much time and effort to sneak around taking down zombies one by one. For someone who’s favorite games include CoD’s Nazi Zombies, I was kinda used to a faster paced zombie shoot down kind of thing. This is why I stopped playing the game for over a month before getting back into it.

The story is beautiful, I think we can all agree on that. The progression through different cities and the new people we meet along the way, the journey itself is pretty amazing and that’s one of the things I loved about the game.

All in all, it was an amazing game and was not disappointed. Looking forward to the sequel!


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