International Cat Day: Winter


Happy International Cat day to the kitties and kitty owners! I’ve been a cat mom for about 6 months already and today, as we celebrate kitties everywhere, I’m sharing my cat mom journey. This is my cat, Winter.


Winter is a Turkish Angora, around 2 years old, with white fur and gorgeous blue eyes. He was adopted by my boyfriend and I as a 23rd birthday present. He came into my life just in time because shortly after adopting him, my beloved shih tzu at home in the Philippines passed away. Winter has been my little ball of sunshine ever since I got him.

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He’s been pretty spoiled since I got him, as my boyfriend likes to point out. You can say that I’m a little obsessed with him too, since my Instagram and Snapchat stories mostly consist of him. Oh, and he has his own Instagram too! Go and give him a follow for your daily dose of Winter cuteness!

Anyway, on to my cat mom journey. It’s been half a year since I got him and it has been blissful. Yea sure, it can be tough sometimes and you need a lot of patience, but it’s way worth it.


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My father hates cats (and any other animal, I have no idea why) but my mom is a big animal lover so I knew that I could get her to fall in love with him too and will eventually welcome Winter into our home. Adopting him was a big risk, I knew I wasn’t allowed pets in Qatar, but this was a risk I was willing to take. Eventually, my mom fell in love with Winter, just as I expected, and she takes care of him while I’m out even sending my photo updates of him.


This is my first time taking care of a cat, I’ve always had dogs, and it’s quite a different journey. They’re a lot more independent and traits are very different. I can never force my cat to cuddling with me, unlike dogs who are always up for snuggles. Although, I’m fortunate enough that my cat loves cuddles and will come up to me a lot to show affection. He’s also very clingy and will follow me even to the bathroom. He also always cries whenever I leave the house. I think he may have abandonment issues. He’s playful and loves either lounging on couches or running at top speed around the house. His favorite toys are old paint brushes, old shoe laces and anything he can push around the floor.


For those of you who want to adopt (and I highly encourage this rather than buying from pet stores) here in Qatar, we adopted Winter from a very kind lady who dedicates her life into helping strays find a home. Her name is Sam Al Mannai and you can follow her on Facebook. She rescues cats and dogs alike (even other kinds of animals), treats them, neuters/spays, vaccinates, gets them micro chipped and makes sure they are adopted by kind and capable people.

She provides you with a sort of Pet Passport where you can track his annual vaccinations and information about the pet. Adoption fees are usually just cat/dog food to help the other cats and dogs she’s taking care of. We had to pay 5 large sacks of dog food to get Winter.

It has been so nice to have him, nothing beats having a pet to come home to. It makes the house so much more warmer and full of joy. Adopting him has been one of the best decisions of my life.


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