Photo Dump: Friday the 13th at the Beach


Road trip!!! A thing my friends and I like to do from time to time is to take road trips to the beach. Our favorite is Dukhan. It’s quite far but waaay worth the drive. The weather has been nice lately, signaling that summer is almost over and transitioning to winter meaning the temperature has significantly dropped. With this weather we’re finally allowed to take a dip and not just hang out beach side.


The reason for this photo dump is that I’ve recenty discovered an app similar to Gudak but free. Hahaha, yea I’m cheap like that. Basically the app adds this film camera filter on your photos and you don’t even have to wait for them to develop. So I took pictures with it on last Friday the 13th’s road trip to the beach in celebration of a friend’s birthday.


The weather was very nice, the sun still stung (well that’s Qatar for ya) but it was windy and the temp was nice and cool and thats the best you can get in this Doha weather.

IMG_1261IMG_1265 (1)IMG_1260.JPGIMG_1273.JPG

Here are a few shots of my friends just enjoying the day. We always bring a bunch of food and even grill some when we get there.


We’re big card players so playing cards is always a must at times like these.


Ahh look at that view! Beaches > pools any day. Beautiful.

Can’t wait to go back, and soon probably since its tradition for us to go here during the winter when everyone is on Christmas break.

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