Drive-In Doha | Aspire Park


One of the newest entertainment spots around Doha is the Drive-In Cinema located at Aspire Park, behind Villagio Mall. It offers a unique experience of watching old movies right at the comfort of your car. They had a soft opening last Thursday, October 19, and offered free entrance for the weekend. My friends and I visited Friday night to try it out! Tickets will be required for purchase starting Sunday, October 22, at 50% off, 75QR per car while original prices are at 150QR per car.

image1 (1).jpeg

Tickets are quite expensive so we took the chance to go while it was free. The movie that was playing that night was Beetlejuice, a classic and perfect for the Halloween season! It was very nostalgic as I used to watch this movie during Halloween as a kid. Ah, young Michael Keaton and Winona Ryder!


Once you enter the drive-in cinema area, guys in a yellow shirt and cap will approach your car to tell you to tune in to 88.3 and turn off your lights once you find a spot. The radio station plays the movie’s audio and as a drive-in cinema virgin that was just so amazing to me.


If you need popcorn and drinks, people in pink uniforms are available to serve them to you right to your car. If you want more options there are a few, but not that many, food trucks right outside.


Other attractions include vintage car displays, go karts and even a play ground for kids.

All in all, it was a fun experience and was worth going to for free because the tickets are way expensive. Despite it being their opening weekend, it wasn’t crowded at all. They announced their opening on the day itself so I don’t think many people were aware yet.

Aside from old movies, they also screen football games and hold live music concerts. Visit their website or Facebook for schedules and more information.

However, I do think they should lower ticket prices or at least include popcorn and drinks with the ticket. Also, they should add more food trucks as there weren’t many options either.

EDIT: As of today, Jan 27, 2018 I found out that ticket prices have been lowered from the standard 150qr per car to 95qr per car. Ticket prices may vary depending on the show though so better check out their prices on the site first.

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