A Week in Negombo, Sri Lanka


I spent a week in Negombo, Sri Lanka for visa purposes. Traveling alone to a foreign country gave me so much anxiety to the point that I couldn’t sleep days before the trip. I tried my best to embrace it though, as it was a chance to travel and discover a new culture and country.

IMG_1429IMG_1430Processed with VSCO with hb2 presetProcessed with VSCO with hb2 preset

The main selling point of Negombo is the Negombo Beach. It’s known for its warm charm, golden sand and beautiful sunsets. It can get quite littered most days though, that’s something they should improve on.

Unfortunately, since I was by myself, I didn’t get a chance to take a dip. I didn’t want to leave my belongings and I was too paranoid. I did walk by the shore, the waves were very strong and the current always took me in and I’d end up with damp shorts.

During my time there I tried my best to drop by the beach at around 5pm to catch the sunset before having dinner. It’s always worth it. I swear to god these photos don’t do it justice. I still remember the beautiful hues and color palettes the sunsets of Negombo beach has shown me.


There are food carts around the far side of the beach offering sea food snacks. Being allergic to seafood (yea sucks, I know), I couldn’t have any of them except for a samousa which I’m pretty sure had shrimp in it so I only took one bite and had to throw it away as my mouth started to itch instantly. They’re approximately 10-20 rupees each and are served in a recycled paper bag made out of newspaper.


The main mode of transportation was the tuk tuk and I must say they are 10x better than the Philippines’ tricycles. They’re very spacious, fast and quieter. Average fare is from 100-200 rupees per ride depending on how far your destination is.


Negombo, Sri Lanka is known to be a Catholic area so there were a lot of churches. I got to visit one of the more famous ones, St. Sebastian’s Church. At the top of the church you can see a silver statue of St. Sebastian (lower right photo). Having been living in a Muslim country, I haven’t been in a church for a long while. It was nice to have the opportunity to come in and say a little prayer.


I also made sure to visit one of the souvenir shops. The vibrant colors of the art and trinkets depict the colorful culture of Sri Lanka. The hues captivated me.


The only restaurant I frequented was Cilantro. It’s on the corner where my hotel was and wasn’t on the beach side of the road. There weren’t many people there which draw me in. It’s difficult enough to eat by yourself and I didn’t want to do that in a packed restaurant. It was quiet and the service was great. The food was cheap as well and delicious. My favorite thing about this restaurant was the pina coladas which only costed 300 rupees! Super cheap and sooo good.

Yes, I know I didn’t eat Sri Lankan food. I’m sorry, I needed to stay away from food that may have seafood in it because I’m highly allergic so I stuck with pastas (which I love and don’t get tired of).

Travelling alone to a new country had its ups and downs. It got lonely and was scary but I gained a new sense of self and discovered a lot about another part of the world. At least I get to check travelling alone to another country off my life bucket list!

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