Chocolate, Tea & Coffee Festival


The Chocolate, Tea & Coffee festival is a celebration of all things sweet and caffeine. Held at the Sheraton Hotel Park and started January 25th and will run until February 3rd, this is a FREE FOR ALL event. Arabs and expats alike gathered to enjoy the chilly weather with hot drinks and sugary snacks.


One thing I’ve noticed about Arabs, with how long I’ve been living in Qatar, is that they absolutely¬†love sweets, coffee and tea so naturally this event was an utter success and was packed every single night despite the cold weather.

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There were displays of sweets and chocolates that looked so good to eat! Having an aunt who bakes, I can truly agree that pastry and sweets making is an art form on its own. I got a chance to eat a few free tastes and they were all so good! Sweet tooth definitely satisfied!

There were also pastries and breads available that go well with coffee. These caught my eye, I didn’t ask what they were but I like to think that they’re Turkish donuts but that’s just me.

There’s a lot to see in the festival, each booth had a different personality despite offering basically the same things (sweets, coffee and teas). There is definitely something for everyone. Here are the booths that stuck out to me.

Coffee and tea is such a staple here in Qatar, there are different coffee shops littered around the city and they all bring something different to the table. I’m surprised Caribou, which is a favorite and regular hang out of our friends and I, did not participate in the festival. Nor did Starbucks but we already get too much of that here.


They also had this really cool display of used coffee cups signed by their users. Very Instagram worthy aesthetic. Wish I could have been a part of this display!


They hold different kinds of workshops and seminars and on the day that I went (Jan 28, Sunday) they had a tea expert from Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf talk about the different kinds of teas, how they should be dripped and made and enjoyed. Learned quite a few things!

Here’s to hoping this is the first of many which I’m sure it will with the successful turnout.

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