The Melting Pot | Doha Qatar


A newly opened restaurant that has been causing quite a buzz in Doha is The Melting Pot. The fondue restaurant, originating from the US, first gave Doha a taste of their delicious food last 2017’s #QIFF. Now The Melting Pot opens its doors to their first location in Doha located in Al Shoumoukh Tower, Fareej Bin Mahmoud.

I’ve had the privilege, thanks to my job, to be invited for their “practice” period wherein guests can try out the restaurant for free. This being their first location in Doha, they wanted to get a better feel of the crowd, what the market was like and what they wanted. Guests were asked to give their feedback in hopes to better prepare them to serve the Qatar market.

The place is huge. The interior is modern and cozy. They a have a wall decorated with shelves of different colored fondue pots that I thought were super cute. I also love how the windows go from floor to ceiling, allowing so much natural light in, perfect for brunches.


The tables are equipped with electric stoves for the fondue pots. Those are’t chopsticks by the way but fondue forks. Love the different colors.


I have to commend the incredible staff who were all so friendly and helpful, especially to a fondue first timer like me.


We had the Classic Alpine Cheese Fondue, as recommended by our server, and includes bread and veggies. Perfect appetizer. The cheese was nothing I’ve ever had before. It was creamy and so flavorful. I didn’t think cheese could taste that good! It went well with the bread and veggies. The bread, by the way, are all freshly baked. Yum!


I had the Egg & Tomato Croissant. I love how fresh all the ingredients were. The croissant bread was a little too crispy (a bit burnt for my liking) that made it hard for me to eat.


We also had the Shakshouka Flatbread which is kind of like a breakfast pizza served with salad. Probably not the best description but I really liked it, better than the croissant sandwich. The bread was amazing, I even ate the crusts which I don’t normally do.

We ordered Oreo Cheesecake (left) and Pistachio (right) milkshakes to wash it all down. Both were creamy and delicious.

We had another round of drinks after we finished eating. I forgot what these were called, they were pretty complicated names to be honest. I’m pretty sure the one of the left had raspberries and the one on the right had mango and pomegranate. The mango pomegranate was bomb, 10/10 would recommend.


Phone number


Average Cost 

QAR300 for two people (approx.)

Cash and Cards accepted

Opening hours

12Noon to 11:30PM


Shoumoukh Towers, C Ring Road, Fereej Bin Mahmoud, Doha

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