The N.Bar Experience | The Gate Mall, Doha

N.Bar, a luxury nail and spa service widely known in the GCC, has finally arrived in Doha with two newly opened branches at Doha Festival City and The Gate Mall. I couldn’t make it to the grand opening but was lucky enough to experience their services myself, and I was happy to have enjoyed a much needed pampering. It has been 3 years since I last got my nails done!

The first thing you’ll see is a chic mural and lots of fresh flowers. The reception will greet and assist you as you enter. Don’t forget to book your appointment in advance!

You’ll see the products they use right at the entrance as well. You may purchase hair care products, lotions and treatments they use and have on display.

They have a wide variety of nail polish colors that took me a good 10 minutes to decide which one to pick. Always such a struggle choosing the right shade and color! I never get my nails done and probably wont for a good while so it was vital that I chose the perfect one.

This is the waiting area where magazines are available for reading. I love the “She’s next…” wall decal, such a nice touch!

This is what the nail lounges look like. The interior of the whole place is very bright, modern and clean. Very aesthetic.

I would have to commend the staff, all very professional and accommodating. They made sure you were comfortable, that everything was just the way you like it and that you knew exactly what they were doing to you (I appreciated this a lot since I don’t do this often). I noticed how state of the art and organized their equipment were as well. They had a tray with everything they needed all neatly organized which made everything go smoothly.

They even serve your choice of coffee or tea (with available flavors) for free! Here’s my already empty cup of cappuccino with a side of chocolate.

Once I was all done they took me to the drying station where they had me place my hands and feet in the holes. To my surprise, I felt blowers turn on as I inserted my hands and feet! They had me sit there for about 10 minutes and then I was good to go! This was so amazing to me because I was always the one to mess up my mani pedi immediately after getting it done.

Some more photos of the place. From the outside you’d assume the place would be small but its actually quite spacious! I love that there are fresh flowers everywhere.

Aside from nail and hair treatments they also offer select spa treatments, massages and hair removal services.

You are guaranteed to walk out of N.Bar feeling refreshed, pampered and absolutely ready to conquer the world.


2nd Flr, The Gate Mall


For more info, list of services and prices:

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