National Museum of Qatar

National Museum of Qatar

To celebrate my finally having my family residency approved (after almost a year of anxiousness and a month long application), my family and I went to the National Museum of Qatar!

The National Museum of Qatar is located at the opposite side of the corniche and is free to all Qatar residents (which now includes me!). Non-residents are charged 50QR for adults and 25QR for students.


The museum itself is an architectural beauty which is inspired by the desert rose, which are clusters of crystal like rock found in deserts that resemble roses. You can bring home your very own desert roses as they are available for purchase at the museum gift shop! They come with a heavy price tag though!


The place is huge! Not to worry though, as free transportation is provided to and from the parking areas.


The first thing you’ll notice upon entering is the audio-visual simulation on the walls that give the perfect backdrop for the animal exhibits. It’s almost hypnotizing!

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The whole museum is dedicated to the history and culture of Qatar. From beautiful displays of ancient jewelry, artifacts and traditional clothing, to architecture, currency and the importance of pearls.


There are also several interactive exhibits, most are for the children sections of the museum (unfortunately for me who wanted to participate!).


The museum also has their very own cafe where you can rest and grab a cup of coffee or have a snack in after a day of exploring the museum.

All in all, immersing myself in the history and culture of the country that I grew up in and love (and finally a resident of again) was a great way to celebrate my residency¬† being approved. If you haven’t visited yet, you should!

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