Drive-In Doha | Aspire Park


One of the newest entertainment spots around Doha is the Drive-In Cinema located at Aspire Park, behind Villagio Mall. It offers a unique experience of watching old movies right at the comfort of your car. They had a soft opening last Thursday, October 19, and offered free entrance for the weekend. My friends and I visited Friday night to try it out! Tickets will be required for purchase starting Sunday, October 22, at 50% off, 75QR per car while original prices are at 150QR per car.

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Film Favorites: Ruby Sparks (2012)


Ruby Sparks tells the beautifully painful and enchanting story of Calvin Weir-Fields, a washed up writer prodigy, and his dream girl Ruby Sparks. Dream girl meaning she came to him in a dream, he wrote about her, and she suddenly appeared in his kitchen. Every time he writes something about her in his manuscript, it happens. May it be her speaking in French to her personality traits and even her emotions.


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Films I Watch When I’m Sad

Films are a great way to distract myself when I’m going through something or am feeling the dementors rolling in. I just grab some food, a tumbler filled with juice, put the ac on, wrap myself in a blanket, and lose myself in movies. Here’s my go-to list of films that I watch to pick myself up (in no particular order):

Scott Pilgrim vs the World (2010)

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This has got to be one of my all time favorite movies (possibly tops my list of favorites). I love the story, portrayal, editing, style, shots, music, characters (and the actors). I’ve read the graphic novel and I swear to god if you’ve ever wished that a movie stay true to its book this is it (well except of course at the end where he chooses who he’ll end up with but other than that it was straight from the graphic novel). Complete with the video game like special effects. Even the actors look EXACTLY like the characters. Casting was superb. This movie always picks me up because it is such a light and playful movie but guaranteed to take you to another world.

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