Film Favorites: Ruby Sparks (2012)


Ruby Sparks tells the beautifully painful and enchanting story of Calvin Weir-Fields, a washed up writer prodigy, and his dream girl Ruby Sparks. Dream girl meaning she came to him in a dream, he wrote about her, and she suddenly appeared in his kitchen. Every time he writes something about her in his manuscript, it happens. May it be her speaking in French to her personality traits and even her emotions.


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Cinema ’76: Pamilya Ordinaryo, Ang Kwento Nating Dalawa and Apocalypse Child


Cinema ’76 is a hub for indie film watchers and makers. It screens indie films, holds workshops, and even a place where the actors and film makers get to interact with their audience in a conducive environment.

(A late post, this has been in my drafts for far too long, sorry!)

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