Maison de Sushi | 01 Mall, Ain Khalid


Maison de Sushi is a Japanese-Thai fusion restaurant known for their 130QR buffet and their aesthetic interior. Good Japanese food is hard to come by here in Doha and I am glad to have one so close to home, located in 01 Mall, Ain Khalid.

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Rustic Mornings by Isabelo | Marikina City


Rustic Mornings by Isabelo is one of the most loved secrets here in Marikina City and I, being a proud Marikeño who is a fearless foodie myself, will share to you a special place and restaurant that is close to my heart. I go here mostly during my birthday because there is no other place I’d like to have breakfast in on my special day. It is the secret garden in Marikina and every time I step into this beautiful restaurant, its as if I’m in a whole other world.

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Munchies: Amo Yamie Crib | España, Manila


When I was little I didn’t like sweets that much. My parents tell me that it was weird when we would get ice cream and I would ask for weird flavors like avocado, mango, cheese. I never liked chocolate especially because I had a weak throat and would always get tonsillitis after eating chocolate without drinking a glass of water afterwards. But recently I’ve grown a sweet tooth and have been devouring chocolate anything. So you can imagine my bliss when I found out about Amo Yamie Crib and how near it was to UST. Took any opportunity to visit my old university just so I can visit this place!

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