Boracay 2016

So my family went back to the Philippines (they live in Doha, Qatar, where I grew up) to have their summer vacation and of course we went to Boracay. We’ve been going to Boracay every year since I was 15, I think?  Anyway, Boracay is still such a beautiful island. Crowded and heavily commercialized than how it was before, but still incredibly beautiful. Here’s our travel video. I also have a few recommendations if you’re planning to visit the island. Continue reading


ELYU: Tangadan Falls
Ahh, yes. Tangadan Falls. It was the most popular destination in La Union, aside from the beach of course. If you asked any local what to visit in this province they all say one thing: Tangadan Falls. Let’s just say that I’m glad I did it but I will never ever ever do it again. Ever.

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