About Caysee P.

75% Filipina, 25% Vietnamese, Qatari at heart.

She was born in Marikina, raised in Doha, Qatar but came back to the Philippines to follow her family’s tradition and graduate as a Thomasian. Took up AB Communication Arts at UST. She is now back in her homeland, Qatar.

She is a mother of beautiful a white cat with blue eyes named Winter. Wishes she has 2 more cats (Spring and Summer) and 3 dogs as well.

She is an avid concert goer and a veteran at trying to squeeze herself into the front row. Will do anything for concert tickets to her favorite bands and will shamelessly fangirl and sing her heart out and cry at concerts.

Must have been a mermaid in her past life, she adores the ocean and the beach and is a certified beach bum. She’ll go to a beach any chance she’ll get and will stay there until her skin burns into a dark brown, hair infested with sand, and soul cleansed by the cool water as if baptized again.

She is always hungry for adventure in whatever form it may take. Through quirky coffee shops, hidden sushi restaurants, hole in the wall bookshops, unusual museums, you name it. I guess her thirst for having a new story to tell is what drives her to wander and explore. And this blog is where she documents them all.



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